Hard work Lilies bloom

Sweet Lilies Flowers & More… shows display fresh flowers. Flower shop located near Grand Convention Center along Archbishop Reyes Avenue Cebu city…

This are a long stretch of the avenue, was already a popular destination to buy flowers.

I open my shop and named it after my favorite flower lilies, i put up my shop inside the auto shop of my husband, we are renting the whole space this part where my shop is located used to be dumping area of spare parts, so i decide why not just put my shop here and share the rent, thanks to god for how many pass year our flower shop has become well known and is now trusted names in the city’s  flower shop industry.

the attributes for success is giving a premium to customer satisfaction and in coming up with very good designed with the  help of staffs who have been there from the start.

“We emphasize on teamwork here because i don”t think i did everything single hardedly; i also owe it to them for their individual contributions,”

February is the peak month for flower shops especially on valentines day .

managing to compete with them is for me is the most challenging part of growing my business and i can say that i have succeed in getting my share of the pie through diligent  work and by always making sure that my clients are satisfied.

For those who want to give their loved ones flowers give it now so they know how special they are…